Differences between NiSi Landscape® NC Enhanced polariser and PRO “Standard” Polariser

Differences between NiSi Landscape® Enhanced Polariser and PRO “Standard” Polariser

There are currently two circular polarisers (CPL) available as circular threaded filters and in square versions for our 75mm, 100mm and 150mm filter systems. These are the NiSi Pro CPL (also referred as “Standard“) and the Landscape® Enhanced NC CPL (generally known as “Landscape”)

The NiSi Pro CPL has been the standard NiSi circular polariser for a few years and is recognised as a high quality product and a really solid CPL, made to the highest standards. With the introduction of the NiSi V5 PRO and V6, many photographers asked for the NiSi Nano Coating to be applied to polarisers, and to have cooler white balance as well. From these needs the Landscape Enhanced CPL is born.

Both PRO and Landscape polarisers are made of NiSi lens-grade optical glass.

Foto senza filtro polarizzatore NiSIphoto with polariser

There are some key differences in the designs and performance of the NiSi Pro CPL and the Enhanced Landscape CPL. Let’s take a look at the main differences:

Enhanced polarising effect with Landscape NC CPL

The Landscape® Enhanced polariser has a theoretical maximum polarisation of 99.9% (The maximum polarisation changes from scene to scene depending on the incidence of light (position of the sun) and the framed material.) In fact, the polariser has an effect only on the polarised light of non-metallic surfaces. The Landscape polariser achieving up to 99.9% polarisation, in suitable conditions, is a great achievement considering the Standard polariser has a maximum polarisation close to 95%.

Differences between NiSi Landscape® NC Enhanced polariser and PRO “Standard” Polariser

Increased saturation and cooler tones with the NiSi Landscape CPL

Thanks to the highest polarisation, the Landscape CPL has a slightly cooler tone than the NiSi Pro CPL. This combined with the increased saturation helps to keep colours accurate, vibrant and saturated. Accurate colour rendition in polarising filters is not achievable, since the polarised light will not pass through the filter, and this usually this creates warmer photos. For this reason we made sure to keep the white balance cooler, without introducing any uneven cast. Always shot in RAW and make sure to edit the WB and Tint accordingly to your style, taste or Colour Checker.

NiSi Landscape® Enhanced CPL includes Nano Coating for easy cleaning

Nano Coating is applied by NiSi directly, to make sure each Landscape CPL is water and oil repellent. Water and other liquid will tend to slip away rather than spreading and smearing across the filters. Our coating also adds a protective layer to help with scratch resistance to maximise the life of your filter. The NiSi Landscape Enhanced CPL includes the Nano Coating. The NiSi Pro CPL for M75, V5 PRO, V6 and S5 holders does not. However, Nano Coating is applied on our Multi-Coated PRO Nano HUC Circular Polariser screw-in.

Screw-in PRO Polariser and screw-in Landscape Enhance polariser

The Landscape version of our screw-in polariser has all the characteristics listed in this article, but there are 2 main differences worth mention:

Read Francesco Gola’s comparison here.

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