NiSi SWIFT System: How it works and advantages

The new NiSi Swift is a revolutionary system for the combined use of screw-in filters.

Normally when two screw filters are to be used at the same time, they are screwed on top of each other. This is a standard and widely used procedure, but at the same time not optimal. Mounting by threading takes valuable time and jamming may occur by inserting the filter incorrectly and problems may arise when we want to remove it.

In addition, the thread needs a few extra millimetres in thickness to be secured, and when we want to use several filters together, the possibility of introducing vignetting increases exponentially.

Over time, various solutions have been created to solve these problems, for example the use of filters with magnetic mounts, but this has not been a definitive or safe solution. To the advantage of an apparent speed of installation, we are exposed to problems related to the magnet, which is very susceptible to the reliability and stability of the mounting itself. In fact, while being used in the field, external agents, such as sand or simply dirt, can be interposed between the filter and the mount, which compromises stability and can ruin the glass of the filter itself. Furthermore, stability is also called into question by slight jolts or accidental shocks, not to mention that removal must remain simple without being able to increase the power of the magnet.

NiSi has researched for years and found the ideal solution to the problem: a press-on coupling that guarantees both speed of installation and removal and safety of use in the field, as no weather conditions, even adverse ones, can affect the safety of the filter, which is firmly secured to the underlying or main anchorage ring.

The NiSi Swift system consists of a set of filters and 1 adapter ring, for example:

NiSi Swift: How does it work?

The system is initially designed to have as a base the True Colour 1-5 stop variable ND filter that will screw onto our lens like a normal screw-on filter, or the Swift adapter ring if we want to use the other Swift filters without Variable ND.

If at this point, for example, we want to increase the density beyond 5 stops, we would simply press-on the Swift ND16 4 stop filter on top of it, and thus we have a variable ND filter from 5 to 9 stops. With a simple movement, we have from 1 to 9 stops of light absorption without screwing anything but the initial VND 1-5 or the main Swift adapter ring.

Additional filters can be installed in addition to or instead of the ND16, such as the IR UV Cut filter or the Black Mist ¼ or ⅛ filter and the True Color CPL for fantastic cinematographic and photographic effects.

Should you wish to use one of the additional filters without the use of the True Colour 1-5 stop variable ND filter, simply mount the Swift adapter ring on the lens and press in any other filter (currently ND16 4 Stop, UV IR Cut, Black Mist ¼ and ⅛, True Color CPL ).

Thanks to this ingenious and practical installation system, it is possible to obtain as many as 15 filter combinations; once the available SWIFT filter set inevitably increases, the combinations will be almost infinite.

The combinations of the Swift System

Kits and Filters for NiSi Swift

Kit NiSi Swift VND 1-9 stops, NiSi SWIFT Add On Kit and Kit NiSi SWIFT VND MIST

Kit NiSi SWIFT VND – 1-9 stops

NiSi offers you here a complete and modifiable kit of the Swift range!
Quickly combine your Variable ND 1-5 stops filter with the ND16 filter to transform it into a Variable ND 5-9 Stops filter!

The NiSi Swift VND Kit is the best 1-9 stop system for filmmakers.

NiSi SWIFT Add On Kit

NiSi offers you here the Add On kit of the Swift range!
It allows all owners of a Variable ND True Color 1-5 stop filter to combine it with an ND 16 filter (4 stops) to transform it into a Variable ND 5-9 Stop filter! Also , be creative and combine this assembly with the Black Mist ¼ stop filter !
Thanks to the adapter ring, you can use the ND16 or Black Mist 1/4 filter independently
. The NiSi Swift Add On Kit is ideal to complete your Variable True Color 1-5 stops filter.


NiSi offers you here the most complete and modifiable kit of the Swift range!
Quickly combine your Variable ND 1-5 stops filter with the ND16 filter to transform it into a Variable ND 5-9 Stops filter! Be creative and combine this assembly with the Black Mist ¼ stop filter.
The adapter ring allows the ND16 or Black Mist filter to be used independently. The NiSi Swift VND Mist Kit is the best system for filmmakers.

Included in the SWIFT VND Kit

  • True Color 1-5 Stops Variable ND Filter.
  • ND16 (1.2) 4 stop filter for Swift system.
  • Protective cap.
  • Hard caddy case.

Included in the Swift Add On Kit

  • ND16 (1.2) 4 stop filter for Swift system.
  • Black Mist ¼ filter for Swift system.
  • Adapter ring for Swift system
  • Protection cap.
  • Hard caddy case.

Included in the Swift Mist Kit

  • True Color 1-5 Stops Variable ND Filter .
  • ND16 (1.2) 4 stop filter for Swift system.
  • Black Mist ¼ filter for Swift system.
  • Adapter ring for Swift system
  • Protection cap.
  • Hard caddy case.

Kit NiSi Swift FS ND con ND8 (3 Stop), ND64 (6 Stop) e ND1000 (10 Stop)

Revolutionise your photos and videos with the NiSi Swift Full Spectrum ND Kit.

Discover the convenience of the NiSi Swift Full Spectrum ND Kit, essential for both professional and amateur photographers and videographers. This kit comprises three Full Spectrum Neutral Density (ND) filters: ND8 (3 Stop), ND64 (6 Stop), and ND1000 (10 Stop), accompanied by various adapter rings to fit all thread sizes in the following kits:

  • 49mm native filter diameter + rings 40.5/43/46mm
  • 62mm native filter diameter + rings 52/55/58mm
  • 82mm native filter diameter + rings 67/72/77mm
  • 95mm native filter diameter + ring 86mm

  • The NiSi Swift Full Spectrum ND Kit features three ND filters: ND8 (3 Stop), ND64 (6 Stop), and ND1000 (10 Stop)
  • The NiSi Swift system allows for the quick attachment of filters to adapter rings by simply pressing them on, enabling swift changes or additions of various filters
  • Each ND FS filter is uniquely coloured for easy identification
  • Achieve extraordinary depth of field and capture stunning long exposures
  • Full Spectrum Neutral Density filters with precise color transmission and stops
  • NEW Multi-Ti coating with nano coating, waterproof, and anti-reflective
  • Includes various adapters for lens thread sizes, enabling the use of the FS ND filter on different lenses
  • Includes 7 lens caps (5 in the 95mm kit), one for each filter and adapter ring, allowing adapters to remain on lenses when stored in the backpack
  • Includes a case with a strap for easy tripod mounting

How to Install the NiSi Swift FS ND System

Screwing in the Adapter Ring

Each kit includes various adapter rings to cover a wide range of lenses with different filter thread sizes.

Pressing the Filter onto the Adapter Ring

The filters easily attach with a simple press using a friction-based locking method. This is a secure connection and will not detach, unlike magnetic filters.

Applying Adapter Rings to Different Lenses

Easily switch a Swift ND FS filter between different lenses in an instant while leaving the adapter rings attached to the lenses. Lens caps are included to protect the lenses with the adapter ring installed.

Speed of Action and Execution

Changing a circular filter has never been as simple and secure as with the Swift System, designed for photographers and videographers.

NiSi Swift ND FS FAQ

What is the NiSi Swift FS ND System, and How Does It Work?

This kit includes three different Neutral Density (ND) filters: ND8 (3 stops), ND64 (6 stops), and ND1000 (10 stops), providing unparalleled control over exposure and depth of field. Perfect for capturing long exposures and reducing reflections in bright conditions. It is a set of circular filters that quickly attach with a push-to-fit design.

How does the friction mount of the NiSi Swift system differ from the magnets commonly used in filter mounting systems?

The friction mount of the NiSi Swift system differs from magnets commonly used in filter mounting systems, as it ensures that the filter is always securely attached and ready for any situation. Magnets can easily detach, especially when working in fast-paced or demanding environments. By utilizing a friction mount, the NiSi Swift system avoids this potential inconvenience, providing photographers with the assurance that their filters will remain firmly in place regardless of external factors.

In which situations is the NiSi Swift system particularly useful for photographers and videographers?

The NiSi Swift system is particularly valuable for photographers and videographers who shoot in situations where time is crucial or where there is a need to move quickly and efficiently from one shot to another.

What is the benefit of NiSi FS ND filters?

Full Spectrum filters, such as NiSi FS ND, provide a significant advantage by maintaining chromatic fidelity across the entire visible spectrum. This ensures that images are not only correctly exposed but also exhibit true-to-life colors without any color cast, making them superior for high-quality photography and video.

NiSi FS ND filters, featuring Full Spectrum Neutral Density technology with True Color Transmittance and precise stops, are enhanced by a NEW Multi-Ti coating and nano coating. This not only makes them waterproof but also anti-reflective, ensuring superior optical clarity.

What types of photography can benefit from using the NiSi Swift system, and how can it enhance the creative process?

The NiSi Swift FS ND system can profoundly benefit various types of photography and videography, enhancing the creative process in several ways:

  1. Long Exposure Photography: By significantly reducing the amount of light entering the lens, these ND filters allow photographers to use longer exposure times without overexposure. This capability is perfect for capturing the movement of water in seascapes or the motion of clouds in landscapes, adding an ethereal atmosphere to the images.
  2. Landscape Photography: The precise stops and chromatic fidelity of these filters ensure that landscapes are captured with natural colors and balanced exposures. This is particularly advantageous for dawn or dusk shots, where lighting conditions can be challenging.
  3. City and Architecture Photography: In crowded urban settings, using NiSi Swift FS ND filters can help blur moving elements like cars and people, creating a sense of tranquility and focusing attention on static architectural features.
  4. Blur and Motion Effects: For creative photography, these filters enable the blurring of motion, such as flowing water or moving trees, adding a dynamic element to compositions.
  5. Time-lapse Photography and Video: Consistent exposure control is crucial in time-lapse photography. NiSi filters provide constant density and color accuracy across shots, making them ideal for creating smooth and high-quality time-lapse sequences.

SWIFT System single filters 

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