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TRUE COLOR ND-VARIO 1-5 stops (0.3-1.5) Nano-coating with Optical Glass

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TRUE COLOR ND-VARIO 1-5stops (0.3-1.5) Nano-coating with Optical Glass
  • New True Color film added to the optical glass for high color fidelity without “X effect” (cross effect)
  • Highest quality HUC (High-ultra Clarity) optical glass, a NiSi exclusive, with Nano coating and water repellent for easy cleaning
  • Allows you to adjust the intensity of light absorption from ND 1 up to 5 stops, with ND strength in stops marked on the ring
  • Two-colours design with high quality and embossed materials for a secure grip, with removable pin for manual control over the entire ring.
  • Lens cap and Filter Pouch PRO included
  • Perfect together the NiSi Swift Add On Kit to transform it to a 5-9 stops VND
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Official NiSi UK Guarantee
Weather resistant
Nano® coating
Official technical support
99% colour accuracy
Lens grade optical glass
True Color Film

TRUE COLOR ND-VARIO 1-5stops (0.3-1.5) Nano-coating with Optical Glass

The NiSi True Color ND-VARIO Variable 1-5 stops filter is the ideal tool for photographers who want to approach the world of long exposures and for videographers who want to be able to control the light in real time during shooting, without introducing any type of artefact or aberration. NiSi Filters has created a unique filter, allowing you to use a  single filter to obtain a reduction of the light that enters the lens from 1 to 5 stops. The characteristics and quality of the filter avoid any “X” or “cross effect” from which variable ND filters often suffer.

The unique lens grade optical glass that made the NiSi brand famous was also used for this ND Variable. Furthermore, there is the Nano Coating treatment which makes the surface waterproof and resistant to grease and dirt. Cleaning the filters has never been easier. Screw NiSi ND Variable Nano filters are available in several popular sizes, from 40.5 to 105mm.

TRUE COLOR ND-VARIO 1-5stops (0.3-1.5)

The front thread is one step above the rear thread (except 95mm and 105mm size), for example:

  • Back thread 67mm -> Front thread 72mm
  • Back thread 72mm -> Front thread 77mm
  • Back thread 77mm -> Front thread 82mm
  • Back thread 82mm -> Front thread 86mm
  • Back thread 95mm -> Front thread 95mm
  • Back thread 105mm -> Front thread 105mm

TRUE COLOR ND-VARIO 1-5stops (0.3-1.5)

Made with high quality neutral optical glass, the circular screw variable NiSi ND filter is perfect for creative effects such as:

  • Decrease the depth of field with strong brightness
  • Control the timings in the videos and time-lapse
  • Make the water look like silk

Thanks to the possibility of adjusting the absorption from 1 to 5 stops, the filter is very versatile, and allows you to obtain the times that the photographer / videographer wants to have.

If you want to add glass in front of your lens, make it of the highest optical and constructive quality there is.

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  1. Andrew (verified owner)

    Quality all round; service, build, in use and image results. I’ve dealt with Nisi for several years now and have no complaints. My ND system has evolved, I didn’t dive straight into, I use the variable ND at the low end in conjunction with the V6 system, once you have the right step up and down rings the system is very flexible. I highly recommend Nisi’s products and service, always helpful with advice.

  2. Sinem (verified owner)

    Good quality optics but a design oversight is that the you can’t fit the cover if you have the rotation pin grip installed.

  3. Sinem (verified owner)

    Works as described. Shame the lens cap doesn’t fit with the rotating pin mounted.

  4. George N. (verified owner)

    Very happy with this and very isay to use

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