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NiSi Switch Holder

The NiSi V6 is a best seller among the NiSi filter holders thanks to its unique characteristics that allow you to use 3 x 100mm wide square filters and a polariser, without vignetting, at 16mm on Full-Frame. However, photography must never be limited by the tools available, so at NiSi we are constantly innovating. 

At the suggestion of the photographers who collaborate with NiSi, the NiSi Switch® was born; a bolt on available for the V6 and V5 Pro, the Switch is a filter holder that attaches to the same 82mm main ring and offers unique differences to meet unique shooting needs.

It is now possible to have a different angle for both filters thanks to the fantastic rotating design of the NiSi Switch holder.  This is especially useful with GND filters where the cross rotation of the graduated filters allows you to manage different light situations very well.

NiSi Switch Holder Portafiltro

We can use a GND Medium 4 stop in a right portion of the photo and then blend it to the left with a Soft 3 Stop. Or simply get a “V” effect by tilting the two slots 45 ° in the opposite direction. Furthermore, since it is always possible to adjust the height of each filter, it is possible to obtain overlapping and even inclined shades to allow the photographer to control the light even more precisely. An accessory that combined with the NiSi V6/V5 PRO Kit is truly innovative.

Designed as bolt-on accessory, the Switch also can be purchased as a standalone system, you would just need buy the 82mm Main Ring for V6 or V5/V5 Pro and then either the Landscape or Standard Polariser. 

Characteristics of the NiSi Switch

NiSi Holder Switch

Everything you need to know about the NiSi Switch:

  • Built in avionic aluminium and coated with anti-glare paint
  • Two slots for ND 100×100 and GND 100×150 filters (2mm thickness)
  • Independent rotation of the slots
  • No 16mm vignetting on Full-Frame
  • Clips directly onto the 82mm main ring contained in the NiSi V6 / V5 PRO / V5 kit
  • If you don’t have the NiSi V6 or V5 PRO or V5 you need to add the 82mm main ring
  • Supports up to 2 100mm plate filters and 1 screw filter (suitable)
  • In addition to the Landscape and Standard polariser, circular ND filters will be released to be used instead of the polariser on the 82mm main ring

Official NiSi Switch – Official Launch Video

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