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Adaptor ring compatible with NiSi M75 and M75 II, 75mm (different sizes)

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Adaptor rings, compatible with the NiSi M75 holder
  • Compatible with NiSi M75 and M75 II holder
  • Adaptor can also be used as a normal 67mm step down ring
  • Mount it on your lens and you can use the M75 and M75 II holder
  • Slim design, no vignetting
  • NB: 72mm ring doesn’t allow the use polariser, read compatibility*
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Ultra-compact and ultra-lightweight
Made from Aviation-grade aluminium

Adapter rings compatible with 75mm square filters systems NiSi M75 and M75 II

These rings allow you to adapt the 67mm main ring included in the NiSi M75 and M75 II Holder with lenses having a frontal thread from 39 to 67mm. The adapters can also be used as 67mm step-up rings, for example to use 67mm circular filters on other lenses. Choose the size, from 39mm up to 67mm*.

There is no need to over-tighten the ring. As soon as you feel resistance the ring is secured.

NiSi M75 and M75 II is suitable for lenses with front thread up to 67mm.
For larger thread lenses the M75 and M75 II system may be used up to 72mm thread in these conditions:

  • with NiSi 72mm ring without the polariser (available here selecting 72mm as size)
  • keeping the use of polariser with a FOV no wider than 40mm approx (m4/3), and Fuji 50-150. A step-down ring 72-67mm is required, with a 67-67mm extender ring, both available from third parties
  • to keep the use of polariser with other systems please use the max 72mm thread and min 40mm FOV as a guide

Please note: step-down rings are not included.
The system will fit all 67mm thread lenses without additional rings, the main adaptor has a 67mm thread.
Third-party rings can be also used to enable the system to fit smaller lens threads such as 38mm.

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Reviews for Adaptor ring compatible with NiSi M75 and M75 II, 75mm (different sizes)

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  1. John Finch (verified owner)

  2. Garry Giles (verified owner)

    Can’t possibly criticise the speed of delivery. The filter kit is extremely well made and brilliant quality. However I am slightly unhappy about when it comes to changing lenses with different size adapter rings. It’s just not as easy or convenient as other systems I’ve had. That said, the quality and price outweigh the lens changing issues. I am very happy with my purchase

  3. Hugh Hamilton (verified owner)

  4. Mark (verified owner)

  5. David (verified owner)

    Does what it says on the tin.

  6. Damian Lunny (verified owner)

  7. Robert (verified owner)

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

  9. Tracie (verified owner)

  10. Dave Johnson (verified owner)

    Well made product and excellent service

  11. Osman Coskun (verified owner)

    Best quality products

  12. Richard Lear (verified owner)

  13. Duncan Horwell (verified owner)

    Fast and efficient, will use again

  14. Damien Freitas (verified owner)

  15. Martin F. (verified owner)

    Vital if you’re using the 75 system on a Leica Q2. A very well engineered piece of kit like the 75 system itself

  16. DAVID (verified owner)

  17. Marcell

    Although it is said here that the system will fit all 67mm thread lenses, this in not entirely true. First time I wanted to use the M75 system on my Sigma 100-400mm f/5-6.3 DG DN OS Sony lens and it’s not possible to attach on it. The rim of the front lens is too thick it can’t accept the system holder. And it doesn’t matter if you use the polarizer or not.
    Just to make everyone aware of this issue.

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