Clever Cleaner for square filters

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Clever Cleaner for square filters
  • Eco-sustainable material
  • Specially designed for photographic glass filters
  • It does not damage multi-coatings and nano-coatings
  • Special porous cleaning surface with micro-holes for cleaning oils, fingerprints, sea water, etc.
  • It can be used for cleaning LCD screens, Tablet screens, Smartphones and cameras

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Clever Cleaner for square filters

Clean your filters and LCD screens effectively with NiSi’s Clever Cleaner. Thanks to the porous cleaning surface with micro-holes, cleaning is also effective in the case of oils, splashes of seawater, fingerprints and other substances that are difficult to clean. Before using the Clever Cleaner it is necessary to make sure that you have eliminated any solid particles that could damage the filter surface with the NiSi blower.
Correctly using NiSi professional blower before swiping you can remove any solid residual.

Also available in Grey, it may be shipped in this colour, it cannot be chosen in advance.

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Reviews for Clever Cleaner for square filters

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  1. James Kelly (verified owner)

    Works a charm and every photographer should have one in their bag.

  2. Marta D. (verified owner)

  3. shui lee (verified owner)

    Good product . Worked well .

  4. Andrew Wordsworth (verified owner)

    Something i did not know i needed, but is so perfect

  5. Martin (verified owner)

    Easy to use in the field, a great tool.

  6. David Pike (verified owner)

    Used this a few times now and it is excellent, easier to use than a cloth because of the applicator and very effective at removing finger prints and dust

  7. Roger P. (verified owner)

    Does what it says on the tin!

  8. Paul Singleton (verified owner)

  9. Simon G. (verified owner)

  10. Donald M. (verified owner)

  11. William Muzzioli (verified owner)

    now this was a surprise the reviews said it was good but I didn’t expect it to be that good but boy it is so good I bought two one for filters and one for the backs of by camera’s to keep the finger marks off

  12. Aaron Barwell (verified owner)

  13. Peter Grant (verified owner)

    Useful cleaner to avoid risk of scratching filters.

  14. Stephen M. (verified owner)

  15. Steve P. (verified owner)

    Simple but works well and small to carry

  16. david warman (verified owner)


  17. Michael Mahoney (verified owner)

  18. Allan W. (verified owner)

  19. Don Chapman (verified owner)

  20. leslie pettet (verified owner)

  21. Graham Smith (verified owner)

    Really good

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product, does what it says on the tin.

  23. Graeme Cuerden (verified owner)

  24. Christopher K. (verified owner)

    Great idea

  25. Paul Burnett (verified owner)

    good value for money

  26. Stephen Cobby (verified owner)

    A very handy & compact cleaning device, spot on.

  27. Derek Skinner (verified owner)

    Genius little device. Cleans a square filter edge to edge easily. Doesn’t seem to streak like I sometimes get using a microbire. Reasonably flat so fits into your camera bag or pocket no problem.

  28. Richard Lear (verified owner)

  29. Andrew S. (verified owner)

    Very well thought out design, not seen these before and does the job (on square filters) perfectly

  30. Neil (verified owner)

    A very cleverly designed and useful piece of kit for square filters.

  31. Nicholas T. (verified owner)

  32. Peter S. (verified owner)

    Where has this been all my life? Simple, easy, effective. Does a great job removing dust and fingerprints too.

  33. Dan (verified owner)

  34. Peter Appleyard (verified owner)

  35. Craig L. (verified owner)

  36. Mark Forsyth (verified owner)

  37. Dominic L. (verified owner)

    I haven need to use it yet, but it looks ideal.

  38. JOE JAMESON (verified owner)

  39. Slawomir Zabron (verified owner)

    I buy this cleaning item like for test try…. 7£? Expensive? Cheap? It is worth the price. Really, help you no remove dust, drops of water and many differents stuffers. I happy with this order.

  40. Colin B. (verified owner)

    Great addition to my camera bag

  41. Raj (verified owner)

  42. Paul St Clair Terry (verified owner)

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