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Landscape Polarising Filter CPL NC for Holder V7


Polarising filter Landscape Polariser CPL NC for Holder V7
  • Compatible with Holder NiSi V7
  • Polarising film exclusive 99% NiSi
  • Removes reflections from non-metallic surfaces and increases the saturation of the scene
  • Ultra HD and Nanocoating optical glass, easy to clean and weatherproof

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99% colour accuracy
Up to 99.9% Polarisation
Designed for V7 Holder

Landscape Polarising Filter CPL NC for Holder V7

The NiSi Landscape Polariser has been designed for photographers who want the maximum polarisation available to them; 99% polarisation.  Made of lens grade optical glass, it guarantees results without loss of definition. In addition, an NC (Nano-Coating) treatment was applied to ensure maximum quality and make cleaning easier.

The Landscape Polariser is only compatible with the NiSi V7 Holder. This is not a screw in polariser to be mounted directly on the lens and so is necessary to use it combined with 100mm NiSi V7 holder.

The Landscape polariser with direct thread (to be used without Holder) is also available with a Titanium frame. Find out more about the NiSi Ti PRO Nano Landscape® Enhance Polariser here.

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