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The Best UV Filters: NiSi UV HT MC

There are many types of UV filters from a few pounds to tens of pounds. So what is the difference and what defines “the best”? A UV filter has several functions, but at the same time it can introduce reflections, decrease the optical quality, introduce vignetting, be more difficult to clean than the front lens and not be resistant enough to protect the lens. Find out why the NiSi HT MC UV filters are the best.

What UV filters are used for

UV filters are an important ally for any photographer. Born of analog photography, UV filters allow you to block ultraviolet radiation before it reaches the film (or sensor). The ultraviolet rays if not properly blocked, will alter the colours of our shots by creating an annoying blue cast, especially in environments where their presence is prominent, such as mountains and the sea.

Thanks to their construction and relatively low cost, another important function of the UV filters is to protect the precious front element of our lenses from accidental damage such as bumps or scratches.

The best UV filters

Although all UV filters appear transparent to the naked eye, the optical quality of the UV filter is paramount so as not to interfere with your shots or degrade the quality of light passing through it. For this reason NiSi produces and distributes ultra-high quality, lens grade optical glass UV filters with technical characteristics that make them unique in the market.

The Best UV Filters

High Transmission NiSi UV HT filters

NiSi UV filters are the pinnacle of technical research. Among the main features that differentiate NiSi UV filters from other products on the market are:

  • Ultra-thin design: thanks to the reduced thickness you will not have vignetting problems
  • Multi-coating: the special NiSi coating on both sides minimises unwanted reflections and make the filter easy to clean
  • High transmission: the high quality of the lens grade optical glass doesn’t alter the passage of light towards your sensor
  • Durable: bumps and scratches will no longer be your concern!

UV filters from 37mm to 105mm

NiSi UV filters are available in an incredible range of sizes: from 37mm to 105mm. No matter what lens you have, NiSi has the solution for you. At this link, find the complete range of UV NiSi filters. The filters are available in the HT version, specially designed by NiSi for maximum strength, transparency and ease of cleaning.

Titanium frame UV filters

The HT HUC MC UV filters are superior quality to most of the UV in the market, and a great choice for many photographers. However, we made sure to satisfy the most demanding photographer, creating the Ti Pro Nano Cut-395 UV filter with a Titanium frame. These UV filters satisfy the highest needs for quality and toughness.

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