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Gifts for Photographers

Buying gifts for photographers is a minefield!

Let’s break it down; Firstly you need to know what they need – this is a challenge in itself as there is a plethora of photographic accessories out there. If you search gifts for photographers on-line you’ll be drowning in pages of generic items that most photographers won’t really want – they might look quirky, but that’s not what you had in mind.

Even if you know what they want, how do you choose the right one? Will it fit their camera or lens? In photography there are endless acronyms, numbers and lens diameters and with that, the potential to get “the wrong one” – the risk of making mistakes and mutual disappointment is very high!

So you go “safe” and get them a camera bag or tripod. But they probably already have one, so are you certain that the one you have bought for them is an improvement? Aaargh!

This is where filters come in! Virtually every photographic discipline uses filters in some capacity. We have hand selected a number of items below that can meet the needs of each type of photographer. Or if you want to be doubly certain, go directly to the Gift Card where you are guaranteed not to go wrong!

Gifts for Landscape and Travel Photographers

The landscape enthusiast photographer (including nighttime and cityscape shooters) is spoiled for choice with regard to photographic filters. In the case of a passionate photographer, a good ND filter or a polariser are certain to be appreciated. Obviously one must make sure that these products are not already in the photographer’s kit though. If you have already been directed to a specific product, fantastic – let us know if you need help finding it using the contact us form. Otherwise, we always recommend the Gift Card that can be spent on any product in our range.

Gifts for Macro photographers

For Macro enthusiasts, we can only recommend the Macro NiSi Close-Up lens. This extremely popular product allows you to take high-quality Macro photos by mounting the lens on lenses with a focal length of 70mm and up. More info here.

Gifts for Wedding and Portrait photographers

For wedding and portrait photographers, the filters we recommend are UV protective filters or Polarising filters. ND filters can also be useful in these cases.

NiSi Gift Cards

The one gift that is certain not disappoint, and is ALWAYS “the right one” is a NiSi Gift Card. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a discount code of equal value to the amount you have chosen. The code will be valid on the entire NiSi catalogue, without any limitation on products and with no expiry date. The perfect gift to print and insert in a greeting card!

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