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ND64 filter (6 Stop) PRO Nano HUC IR SLIM

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NiSi ND filters: Quality without compromise
  • No colour cast thanks to the IR coating which blocks infrared light.
  • Very low peripheral light fall (vignetting) thanks to the very thin aeronautical aluminium profile of only 3.5mm. One of the thinnest ND SLIM filters in the world.
  • Lens grade optical glass of the highest quality and transparency (NiSi exclusive), the only filter to use the same glass as the highest quality elements of photographic lenses and optical instruments.
  • Cleaning is very easy thanks to the Nano Coating and the water repellent and oil and grease resistant coating. NiSi patent.
    Anti-glare coating against ghost lights, flares and unwanted reflections.
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NiSi® Circular ND Filter ND64 (1.8) PRO Nano HUC IR – 6 Stop

NiSi circular screw-in ND filters are the ideal tool for amateur and professional photographers to approach the world of long exposures (read our step by step guide to Long Exposure). The ND64 NiSi PRO Nano UHC IR SLIM filter is the only one in the world to exclusively offer lens grade optical glass of the highest quality and different coatings (Multi Coating/MC) such as: Nano Coating, IR, Anti-glare and water repellent coating and resistance to grease and oil. Circular screw NiSi ND filters are available in a wide range of sizes, from 40.5mm to 95mm. An ND6 6 Stop filter reduces the light by 64 times without altering the colours, therefore it allows you to increase the shutter speed 64 times (for example from 1/10″ to about 6″, or from 1″ to about 60″).

Made with the highest quality neutral optical glass, the circular screw NiSi ND filter is perfect for creative effects such as:

  • Decrease the depth of field in bright light
  • Manage timings in videos and time-lapse
  • Create the silk effect on water
  • Remove people from crowded areas
  • Give movement effects to clouds

If you’re going to put a filter in front of your lens, make it of the highest optical and constructive quality.

IR treatment

IR treatment blocks the wavelengths of infrared light. Although invisible to the human eye, it can ruin photos (especially in long exposure) if it reaches the sensor. The wavelengths of infrared light are the main reason for magenta dominants present in low-quality filters that do not use this treatment.

Nano Coating®

Thanks to the Nano® treatment, the water is not spread on the surface of the filter but remains compact and easy to remove. The Nano® treatment makes NiSi filters weather-resistant and ready for any situation.

HUC glass

HT glass (High Transmission 99.2%), HUC (High-ultra Clarity): robust glass with no loss of detail is exclusive to NiSi. The ND 6 Stop Circular NiSi filter also uses lens grade optical glass; the highest quality for your photography.

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  1. Alan Evans (verified owner)

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    Pleased with the quality of the filter and impressed by the lack of a colour cast.

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