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NiSi GND Medium 2-3-4 Stop filter

NiSi offers a complete range of 100, 150 and 180mm GND Filters (ND with gradual transitions.) These filters are used, often with ND filters, to manage the greater brightness of the sky against darker foregrounds and thereby obtain more balanced photos with a histogram that does not have blown out or too dark areas.

There are different types of GND filters defined by the nature of the transition from the clear to dark areas of the filter. When the dark/transparent transition is very well defined we are talking about hard GND filters. If instead the transition is gradual and less defined it is a soft GND filter.

NiSi Filters also offers a GND reverse filter, which has a hard transition and is darkest at the centre, fading towards the top. This allows you to balance your shot when the highest luminescence is on the horizon.

After this brief introduction on GND filters it is easier to understand why NiSi has decided to develop a new transition for its range of GND filters: Medium GND filters.

NiSi GND Medium 2-3-4 Stop filter

Thanks to the experience of our ambassadors all over the world, we have dedicated months to the design of a filter with a softer transition than the hard filter, but without the long transition of the soft filter. The goal of the new GND Medium NiSi filter is to give photographers more flexibility when faced with situations where varying brightness elements are in play. Furthermore, thanks to the medium transition, it is possible to use the filter in its strongest densities (3 and 4 Stop) without having a strong impact in the transition area but significantly reducing the brightness of the sky.

2, 3 or 4 Stop Medium Graduated Filter

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