Fotografia Notturna citta

The NiSi Natural Night – see the results

The NiSi Natural Night is a filter designed by NiSi and derived from astronomical photography and digital photography. In March 2017 it entered the world market with great success. The filter was first designed to block the typical wavelengths of incandescent lights which can create enormous problems of light pollution by trying to photograph the stars or the Milky Way. However over the months, as is often the way in a such a creative industry, the photographic community started experimenting with NiSi Natural Night.

In fact, its effect is obviously visible at any time of the day and with each subject, and above all it is not entirely replicable in post production as it really modifies the light that hits the sensor.

Test spettrometro Natural Night

The spectrometer test shows the sharp cut of the curve at around 580-600nm

NiSi Natural Night: a new photographic style

Among the experiments that brought the most incredible results, night photos in the city were the most impressive and the Natural Night earned its status as a supremely versatile filter, capable of creating a completely new photographic style .

An important contribution is to be attributed to the Italian community of photographers who, using the NiSi Natural Night, have produced a series of spectacular night photos. Many photographers have also recognised the significance of NiSi bringing this filter to market, and the incredible quality that has never been beaten by the numerous clones that followed our innovation.

Our thanks go to all those photographers who gave their time to assist us in the development of this filter and who have gone on to deliver excellent results with it. 

Natural Night Examples

In drafting this article we decided to focus on the final result, without showing many before and after photos, however if you are interested, you can find them here. As one shot in particular impressed us we decided to focus on it.

natural night primanatural night dopo

The result obtained thanks to Natural Night is incredible. Obviously, the shot was post-produced, in fact the photographer used a manual fusion of multiple shots to manage the lights and then finalised it by adjusting the white balance and the overall contrast. The end result is surprising, and also reflects much better the atmosphere and the scenographic impact of being in front of a similar panorama at night.

In the gallery below we find some of the best examples of night photography using the Natural Night NiSi.

The NiSi Natural Night filter is available in 75mm, 100x100mm, 150x150mm and circular sizes from 40.5 to 95mm.

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