NiSi V6 holder and filters kit | ND 100x100mm filters kit

It is not always easy to juggle the large catalogue of products offered by NiSi. For this reason, in collaboration with photographers from all over the world, we have created several comprehensive ND Filter Kits. These kits offer photographers a single kit with everything they need to get outdoor and start shooting. These kits are a great single-box solution and offer great savings over the cost of buying the products individually.

The kits are already packed and it is not possible to change the contents, in the case of specific needs we recommend that you choose the products individually. Please contact us if you have any questions.

NiSi V6 Kits 100mm Holder & Square Filters (III Series)

NiSi has created kits with the NiSi V6 holder and 100mm filters to allow you to have, within a single box, everything you need to start shooting. Each kit consists of a V6 holder for 100mm square filters (including a Polariser), a selection of filters (ND and GND) and many essential accessories. There are four kits with 100mm filters and NiSi V6 holder: Starter, Starter Plus, Advanced and Professional. Find out below which kit is right for you.

NiSi Starter Kit V6 (III Series)

This kit comes complete with NiSi V6 Holder with standard PRO polariser, 1 ND filter and one graduated GND filter along with and many accessories. The 100mm NiSi V6 Starter Kit (III Series) is perfect introduction to shooting with filters.

NiSi Starter Kit Plus V6 (III Series)

Kit comes with a NiSi V6 Holder with Landscape polariser, four filters and many accessories. The 100mm NiSi Starter Plus V6 Kit (III Series) allows you to manage the light in many different types of landscape.

NiSi Advanced V6 (III Series)

Kit contains NiSi V6 Holder with the superb Landscape polariser, six filters and many accessories. The NiSi 100mm Advanced V6 (III Series) Kit gives a superb range of filters for virtually all situations and light conditions.

NiSi Professional Kit V6 (III Series)

Our top kit comes NiSi V6 Holder with Landscape polariser, eight filters and a host of accessories. The 100mm NiSi Professional Kit V6 (III Series) has virtually all the filters you could need for most photographic disciplines.

NiSi 100x100mm ND Filter Kit

Selecting your ND filter kit requires some experience (read our guide on how to choose the ND filter). Our professional photographers have therefore created three kits with 100x100mm ND filters to give you a good selection of Neutral Density filters in a single kit and with a special price. Each kit consists of a number of 100mm filters, a carrying case, a cleaning cloth and spare gaskets. There are three kits with 100mm square ND filters: Basic, Long Exposure and Extreme.

Basic Kit

Complete with two square ND filters (3 and 6 stop) and many accessories, the 100mm NiSi Basic Kit contains everything you need to get closer to the world of filter photography.

Long Exposure Kit

Complete with three square ND filters (3, 6 and 10 stop) and many accessories, the NiSi 100mm Long Exposure Kit is the perfect choice for photographers wanting to create those distinctive Long Exposure shots.

Extreme Kit

Complete with four square ND filters (3, 6, 10 and 15 stop) and many accessories, the 100mm NiSi Extreme Kit is the definitive solution for photographers looking for a truly complete kit for every situation.

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