Gasket for 150x150mm ND Filters

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Gasket for 150x150mm Neutral Density filters
  • 1 Gasket for ND 150x150mm filters
  • Asymmetrical profile to allow sliding in holder’s guides
  • Adhesive application
  • Protects against light infiltration
  • ND filter not included

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Replacement gasket for 150x150mm ND filters

Replacement gasket for one 150x150mm filters, block the light to avoid infiltration of lights that could ruin your long exposures. Two sides are shorter to allow the correct sliding of the filter on the guides of the filter holder holder.

Fitting Instructions:

  • Clean the filter well
  • Let it dry
  • Remove the film that protects the adhesive side on the two parts
  • First apply one piece  on the filter so that the longer end is flush with the edge of the filter and centred. The two short ends must not be positioned on the edge to allow space for sliding on the holder guides, by positioning the long side in the centre of the filter the space necessary for sliding remains uncovered.
  • Repeat for second part

Correctly fitted, the gasket will look like this:

Guarnizione 150mm nisi ND


How to insert 150x150mm ND filters

Gaskets for 150x150mm Filters

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