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Circular ND32000 (4.5) 15 Stop PRO Nano HUC IR SLIM Filter

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ND32000 (15 Stop) PRO Nano HUC IR SLIM filter
  • Absence of colour dominants, very low reflection
  • No vignetting, with Nano® technology and water repellent for easy cleaning
  • Slim construction
  • High quality HUC optical glass with IR treatment
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Weather resistant
Nano® coating
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99% colour accuracy

NiSi® ND32000 (15 Stop) PRO Nano HUC IR SLIM filter

The ND32000 15 Stop NiSi filter, as with all other products, is built with the highest quality lens grade optical glass. For all sizes we offer exclusive high quality optical glass and NiSi Nano® Coating technology.

The ND32000 (4.5) absorbs 15 stops of light, and therefore allows you to lengthen the exposure times even in strong light. To calculate the exposure times you multiply the shutter speed without ND filter by 32000. For example, if we obtain a “correct” exposure by shooting without a filter with a time of 1/250 “(ie 0.004″), multiplying this value by 32000 we obtain 128” as shutter speed to be used by mounting the ND32000 15 Stop filter. 2 minutes.

Multi-coating, the use of Nano® technology and lens grade optical glass guarantee the highest quality and make this 15-stop ND filter the most advanced on the market. All NiSi ND and GND filters include IR treatment, which allows you to block infrared light and makes NiSi filters the best on the market in terms of colour matching.

The ND 15 Stop filter completes the range of circular NiSi ND filters: available in 3, 6 (with integrated CPL), 10 and now also 15 stops. The 15 Stop is available in 67, 72, 77, 82 and 95mm screw formats.

The ND32000 (15 Stop) in action:

filtro ND32000 15 stop

IR treatment

IR treatment blocks the wavelengths of infrared light. Although invisible to the human eye, it can ruin photos (especially long exposure) if it reaches the sensor. Infrared light is the main culprit of the magenta dominant colours present in shots created with low quality filters that do not use this treatment.

Nano Coating®

Thanks to the Nano® treatment, the water is not spread on the surface of the filter, but remains compact and easy to remove. The Nano® treatment makes NiSi filters weather-resistant and ready for any situation.

HUC glass

HT glass (High Transmission 99.2%), HUC (High-ultra Clarity): A robust glass with no loss of detail and exclusive to NiSi. The ND 15 Stop Circular NiSi filter also uses lens grade optical glass for precision applications. You should only put the best glass on the front of your lens.

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  1. David Devonport

    An outstanding filter as usual by NiSi,No colour cast whatsoever,I now own the 15 stop,10 stop and a polariser and never had any problems with quality. I got them in a 77mm thread for my Tokina 11-16mm and they works great.

  2. Scott Powell (verified owner)

  3. John Cameron (verified owner)

    Well, fantastic quality as you would expect from Nisi and the filter does its job very well. I’ve taken a few photos using this filter and I’m very excited of the outcome, love using it.

    • NiSi UK (store manager)

      We are so happy for you John! Looking forward to see your pictures on our Facebook Official NiSi UK Community or by tagging us on Instagram!

  4. Kenneth B. (verified owner)

    Nice bit of kit, no colour cast does a good job.

  5. Alan B. (verified owner)

    Top Quality filter as expected! NiSi really are superb

  6. Les Moores (verified owner)

  7. Wayne C. (verified owner)

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