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Sony RX100 VI/VII Professional Filter Kit

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4 Filters Professional Kit designed for Sony RX100VI (M6) and Sony RX100VII (M7)
  • Easy to install aluminium alloy holder system
  • Holds two square filters
  • Kit comes with
    • Holder
    • 3 Stop Medium GND
    • ND8 3 Stop filter
    • Natural Night filter
    • Polariser
    • Pouch
  • All filters made of lens-grade optical glass
  • 360° Rotation and no vignetting

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4 Filters Professional Kit for Sony RX100VI (M6) and Sony RX100VII (M7)

Following on from the immense popularity of NiSi holder systems for the Ricoh Series and the Fuji X100 Series we are delighted to bring you a series of filters and holders custom-designed for the Sony RX100VI/VII (M6/M7).

The Professional kit comes with four of our most popular filters a 3 Stop Medium GND 8, 3 Stop IR ND 8, Natural Night (night-time photography filter) and Polariser. Each kit comes with a custom-designed holder for the Sony RX100VI/VII (M6/M7) lens and pouch.

The holder is constructed from aluminium alloy and designed to attach easily to the lens with a low profile in keeping with the design of the camera. The holder takes two filters with no vignette and offers 360° rotation.

The Medium GND Filter (0.9) 3 Stop is a rectangular filter that helps darken specific areas of an image, such as bright skies, allowing unaltered exposure in other parts of the image. As with all NiSi filters, it is made of the highest quality optical glass so as not to reduce the detail of your lenses. It also features Nano treatment and IR. The Nano Coating® makes the filter water repellent, for easy cleaning and maximum detail. The IR coating prevents dominant colours, especially magenta, for a great colour match. The filter is denser at the top and fades to the centre, with a medium transition line between dense and clear areas. The slide-in GND is designed to be moved up and down to control which area is affected.

The NiSi ND8 3 Stop filter reduces the light by 3 f-stops without changing the colours, which can increase the shutter speed by 8 times (e.g. from 1/8″ to about 1″ or from 1″ to about 8 seconds).

The NiSi Natural Night filter has been designed with the primary function of cutting the most common wavelengths in artificial lights. These types of filters have always been used in the observation and photography of the deep sky but have rarely been adapted for use on photographic lenses. You can find out more about Natural Night at this blog post.

The polarising filter is also made of the highest quality optical glass and the polarising film is the best on the market and offers a very high polarisation close to 100%. Thanks to the 360° rotation of our Sony RX100VI/VII holder (included) you can choose the perfect polarisation in every situation. Also, with 2 slots available, you can always use the Medium GND together with the polariser.

Unparalleled Quality

NiSi filters are all made of the highest quality lens grade optical glass so as not to lose even the smallest detail in your images. The special Nano Coating coating on both sides minimises unwanted reflections and gives the NiSi neutral density filters the characteristic of being water-repellent and oleophobic. There are no comparable quality filters thanks to the exclusive NiSi glass used, with which you can be confident that your lenses will not lose definition.

NiSi Filter System for Sony RX100VI/VII (Professional Kit)

Sony RX100VI/VII Professional Filter Kit

Video: NiSi System for Sony RX100 M6/M7

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Reviews for Sony RX100 VI/VII Professional Filter Kit

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  1. Paul C. (verified owner)

    Loved this filter set on my Rx100vi easy to fit and remove and gives excellent results fully recommended

    • NiSi UK (store manager)

      Thank you very much for the 5 star review Paul. It’s a great little system and we’re delighted you like it.

  2. Robert T. (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent fit to camera.

  4. Trevor H. (verified owner)

    Fantastic high quality and lightweight travel system.

  5. Mark Judge (verified owner)

    There are other filter mounts available for the RX100V1 but this one is the best by far. It is well made and fits snugly over the lens barrel without the need for sticky tape. The filters are also of good quality and I can highly recommend it.

  6. Richard D. (verified owner)

  7. Philip Lister (verified owner)

    As advertised. Fits well. Compact and effective

  8. Stuart

    Fantastic peice of kit, absolutely essential. Really hope to see more filters released for this system.

    • aleputzu (store manager)

      Thank you so much Stuart. Enjoy your kit

  9. Mr D G. (verified owner)

    The staff at NiSi were most helpful in answering my inquiry regarding filters for my Sony RX100 Mk7 camera and I decided to purchase the filters. I am pleased with the purchase and will add to the filters I already have. Excellent service and good product from NiSi. Thank you.

  10. Charles Williams (verified owner)

    Good fit, handy size and looking forward to using it on holiday

  11. Patrick (verified owner)

    A great product, essential for any serious photographer. This company deserves praise for designing such a useful product to work easily with this very small but capable camera.

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