Polarizzatore Canon 15 35 RF f 2 8L

Filters for Canon 15-35mm RF f/2.8L IS lens

The Canon 15-35mm is a popular wide angle lens with photographers who use the Canon EOS R & RP for landscape and architectural photography.

Given the wide-angle focal length of 15mm, there are questions regarding the use of NiSi square or screw-in filters on this lens.

Canon 15-35mm RF f/2.8L IS: 100mm square filters, the best choice

The obvious choice is the use of 100mm square filters. The Canon 15-35 RF is equipped with a comfortable 82mm front thread allowing use of the NiSi V6 (with Landscape or Standard polariser), without additional adaptor rings.

The excellent news is that there is no vignetting at the minimum focal length (15mm) nor, of course, at the maximum focal length (35mm). So you can comfortably use the NiSi V6 and up to 3 x 100mm square filters (such as ND 100×100 and GND 100×150) combined with the integrated (but removable) polariser included with the NiSi V6 Holder kit.

You can make the most of the different combinations of filters and our polarisers (which are often regarded as the best in the industry.) If you only need two filters and need to independently rotate the two filters, the excellent NiSi Switch meets this need and is completely compatible, without vignetting.

NiSi Screw-in filters for the Canon 15-35mm RF f/2.8L IS: A great alternative

Another possibility is the use of screw-in filters, given the large 82mm front thread of the Canon 15-35 RF.

Holder Filtro Canon 15-35 RF f-2-8L

You can comfortably attach any one of our circular range of filters including: UV, ND8 3 Stop, ND64 6 Stop, ND64 6 Stop 2 in 1 CPL , ND1000 10 Stop, ND32000 15 Stop, Natural Night and the Variable ND filter.

With wide angle lenses it is recommended to use one screw-in filter at a time, to avoid vignetting. If you need to stack, we recommend using the NiSi V6 holder where the wider field of view eliminates vignette.

Use the Canon 15-35mm RF f/2.8L IS with the NiSi S5 150mm system

If you already own the 150mm NiSi S5 system, you can use it with your Canon 15-35 thanks to a special adapter; the main threaded ring which is compatible with lenses with 82mm, 95mm and 105mm lens threads. This adapter replaces the back of your S5 (where the polariser is also fitted) and allows use on threaded lenses such as the Canon 15-35.

Filtro Canon 15-35 RF f-2-8L-is

100mm filter holder for Canon 15-35mm RF f/2.8L IS

Below are the kits recommended for the Canon 15-35 RF: including the NiSi V6 with Landscape or Standard polariser. We remind you that other pre-packaged filter kits are also available, which offer great savings over buying the filters individually.

The Landscape polariser offers two main advantages compared to the kit with Standard polariser:

  • Unique polarising film, with declared polarisation of 99.9%!
  • External Nano Coating (NC) treatment, water-repellent and oleophobic for precision and simple cleaning

ND and GND filters compatible with Canon 15-35 RF f/2.8

The NiSi V6 filter holder is compatible with System 100 filters. Therefore 100×100 ND filters and 100×150 GND filters. Below you will find a selection of the most popular ND and GND filters. For the complete range we recommend you to visit the pages for 100mm ND and 100mm GND filters.

Polariser for Canon 15-35mm RF f/2.8L IS

A polariser is included with the NiSi V6 holder and it’s the ideal solution, patented by NiSi, to use this essential filter on threaded lenses. Two types of polarising filters are available: the Standard/PRO and the Landscape/Enhanced.

The Landscape polariser, also called CPL Enhanced®, has a maximum polarisation of 99.9% * and emphasises the natural colours of the scene. It is also equipped with Nano® Coating (NC) treatment which protects it and makes it completely water-repellent for easy cleaning.

If you just want to use a polariser, you could buy one of our two 82mm screw-in polarisers . You can find them below in the Standard/PRO (with brass structure) or Landscape/Enhanced (with Titanium structure) versions.

* The maximum polarisation changes from scene to scene depending on the orientation of the light source and the scene. The polariser only affects the reflection of light from non-metallic surfaces (water, glass etc). The NiSi Landscape Enhanced® polariser can reach 99.9% polarisation and rotating it allows you achieve the optimum level of polarisation for your shot. The NiSi Landscape Enhanced® polariser is the first choice of many professional landscape photographers.

We thank the NiSi Australia team for the photos and the Canon 15-35 test.

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