Filtro GND Medium 150mm NiSi

GND Medium filter for 150mm Holder

The range of NiSi 150mm filters is growing month on month and, after its success in 100mm, the Medium transition GND filter is now available in 150mm. Thanks to the arrival on the larger format it will now be possible to use the GND Medium also on ultra wide-angle lenses such as the Nikon 14-24, the Tamron 15-30, Sigma 14-24 or on special lenses such as the Canon and Nikon tilt-shift lenses. Obviously the 150mm Medium Graduated ND (GND) Filter will be compatible with both the Classic 150mm NiSi holders and with the NiSi S5 version with Polariser included.

NiSi GND Medium: Excellence in materials

As with all our filters in the  100mm, 150mm and 180mm GND range, only the best lens grade optical glass is used the 150mm Medium GND. This glass, available exclusively to NiSi, has the same properties as the best elements of high-end and professional photographic lenses, ensuring superb transmittance. This means that the excellent performance of your lens is not degraded by low-cost filters. In addition, all the best NiSi patented coatings are also present on the 150mm GND Medium:

  • Anti-reflection coating;
  • High resistance Nano® coating;
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment that make cleaning easy;
  • IR coating to block infrared light avoiding colour cast and non-linear colour deviations

150mm GND Medium filter: 2, 3, 4 Stop

The Medium filter is perfect as a first GND filter due to its versatility. Its effect on the brightest areas of the sky is visible but not invasive. It is available in 3 densities, to adapt to every situation and every photographic style.

The 2 stop is perfect for shooting is slightly overcast weather where the light is not too bright. The 3 stop is a very popular and versatile density as it meets the needs of most photographers.

Even though the 3 Stop (0.9) is the most popular density, even in hard transition filters, some prefer a high density with a softer transition. For this reason we have also created the GND Medium 150mm in 4 Stops. This filter will be very useful to photographers who already have a set of filters and want to expand their collection. 

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