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Opinioni filtri NiSi

NiSi Filters: Opinions

NiSi filters only arrived in Europe a few years ago, relatively recently in filter terms. But we are not a new player in the industry and there is a great tradition behind what we do.  For many years we have produced a line of filters for photography, positioning ourselves as the technical leaders in the market. Customer satisfaction and superlative performance has been our priority from the beginning, that’s why we built the NiSi V6 and V5 PRO filter holders. Our greatest source of product inspiration is our customers

NiSi Holders: What professionals and amateurs think

NiSi filters are used by professionals and amateurs, many use our UV filters to protect lenses in the most difficult environments. Here are some opinions of amateurs and professionals collected from our Facebook and Amazon pages:

Frank G – Professional opinion

“With me now on every trip, it really doesn’t make sense to use Lee or the like. Five stars for no colour cast”

Andrew L – Professional opinion

Brand leader in the sector from different points of view:
1. Listen to the photographers … the ones that the filters use in the field … which I have never seen other brands do except in a marginal way
2. The holder is in another league compared to those of competitors … try it to believe it: it wins in all respects, almost no vignetting, polariser incorporated and included, adapters included in the price …
3. Filters of exceptional quality, with virtually zero colour cast, minimal vignetting compared to that of the filters of the major brands … “

Alessio P – Professional opinion

“The best filters out there, zero colour cast and the best holder on the market! Excellent polarisation with no 16mm vignetting with the use of three filter slots.”

Amazon user “Buccia”

“It is an incredible filter of a very high quality. I have not found any colour cast. It is even covered on the perimeter with a rubber gasket which, once assembled, makes it watertight to light infiltrations, thus closing the space between the filter and filter holder.

Filtri NiSi Opinioni

The strengths of NiSi filters. In your words

Among the many recognised strengths in our products, paramount is the excellent quality of materials, coatings and colour fidelity. Our holders are always guaranteed, precisely assembled and with most holders; CNC precision machined from a single block of aeronautical aluminium.

Here at NiSi we like to do everything right, if you want to share your opinion, do not hesitate to contact us or leave a review on our Facebook page.

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