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I started my landscape photography journey in 2018. Growing up at the foot of a mountain range in rural Ireland I spent many days hiking and adventuring when I was young. A trip to Iceland in 2018 sparked my desire to capture landscapes through my camera lens and it opened my eyes to the beauty of Ireland when I returned home. I am fascinated by the weather. Looking up and seeing those gnarly skies gives me a huge buzz! I love going out in wild weather when everyone else runs for cover. Sometimes that is when you will capture the most dramatic images and Ireland certainly is well suited to those. I began running workshops in the summer of 2021 and have brought clients to areas in the west of Ireland teaching them about photography composition, camera settings, weather prediction etc. Each time I go out with the camera I try to be as creative and unique as possible. I enjoy writing blogs and articles for my website and creating photography videos for my YouTube channel with the aim to teach and hopefully inspire others to grab their camera or even just themselves and head out into nature and the outdoors.

Sean’s Gear Bag

Filters: NiSi V7 with True Color CPL, GND’s 3 Stop Soft, 2 and 3 Stop Medium, 2 Stop Hard, 3 Stop Reverse, ND’s 3, 6 and 10 Stop, NiSi 15mmF/4

Cameras: Nikon Z6, Nikon D500

Lenses: Nikon 14-30 F4, Nikon 24-70 F4, Nikon 200-500 F5.6, Nikon 20mm f1.8 prime lens

Tripod: Rollei rock solid Beta Mark II tripod (x2)

NiSi UK: What got you into photography

Sean: A constant love of being outdoors and exploring new areas and landscapes. I have always been creative and combining my love of the Irish landscape with capturing images and making memories just seemed like a no brainer. A trip to Iceland in 2018 with my Nikon D7200 really cemented my desire to begin a journey in landscape photography

Talk me through your favourite shot with NiSi filters

Sean: It has to be a sunset image from the iconic Cliffs of Moher in Co Clare, Ireland. I shot this while the sun was just about to set however the light was still quite strong so using the CPL helped remove that glare and make the colours in the sky pop a lot. It also reduced the light just enough to help slightly blur the water while still retaining detail and texture in the ocean.

NiSi UK: What is your dream location to photograph?

Sean: My dream is to visit and photograph Nepal. The dramatic mountain scapes look incredible along with the people and culture. I feel it is somewhere still relatively un-photographed as well which is something that draws me.

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