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NiSi Polarising Filters: PRO, Landscape and Natural Pro Nano CPL

The polarising filter, or CPL, is probably the most loved and commonly used filter in photography as it allows you to do something you simply cannot do in post production; manage reflections by blocking polarised light (i.e. light reflected from non-metallic surfaces). 

For this reason the polariser isn’t just the most loved, it is arguably also the most important.

Foto senza filtro polarizzatore NiSIFoto con filtro polarizzatore NiSi

Find out more about what you need and how to use a polariser .

The range of NiSi Polarisers

There are three NiSi circular polarisers: Landscape Enhanced, Natural CPL and Pro. All three polarisers share the same lens grade optical glass produced exclusively for NiSi. The exclusive NiSi Nano Coating® treatment is also present on all 3 polarisers, making cleaning quick and easy. 

Multi Coated PRO Circular Nano HUC CPL

Our PRO Nano HUC C-PL (or “Standard”) filter is an excellent polariser for normal use, and offers above average performance (up to 95% polarisation in many situations). Thanks to the superb quality and price point this is one of NiSi’s most popular polarisers.

Enhance (Landscape) Ti-Frame Polarizer (Titanium Structure) CPL

The Landscape Enhanced Polariser has been custom designed by NiSi to meet the specific needs of the Landscape Photographer. It enhances the blues and greens in your scene whilst delivering up to 99% polarisation.

The unique nature and effect of this filter makes this is our premium quality polariser for Landscape photography enthusiasts.  The screw-in version comes with a premium, lightweight Titanium frame and is included in the NiSi V6 and S Series 150mm Holder

You can find out more about the differences between CPL PRO (standard) and Landscape Enhanced in this article.

Natural Pro Nano CPL polariser

The film developed by NiSi for the Natural Pro Nano CPL aims for maximum polarisation, uniformity and colour reproduction. Classic polarising filters are naturally subject to a yellow/green cast. Thanks to the application of the latest technologies, we have developed a polarising filter which delivers maximum chromatic fidelity, eliminating any type of colour dominance. This polariser is perfect for situations where precise colour reproduction is important.

example 1 nocplexample 1 naturalcpl

Latest generation Cine Sealed technology

The NiSi Natural Pro Nano CPL uses Cine Sealing (watertight) technology that darkens and seals the edge of the filter to improve the optical performance and its lifespan

Thanks to this treatment, the influence of temperature fluctuations is reduced, condensation is prevented and the filter is protected from unwanted flare and reflections. Compared to similar treatments, NiSi Cine Sealing technology allows us to seal the edge with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

nisi natural polarizer
nisi natural pola

Landscape CPL vs Natural CPL

With two premium quality polarisers, we felt it was important to distinguish the different effects you can expect between the Enhance Landscape Polariser and the Natural Pro Nano CPL:

Photo without polariser

nisi no pola

Photos with NiSi Landscape CPL vs NiSi Natural CPL

nisi landscape polanisi natural pola

The photo on the left, with the Enhance Landscape Polariser , emphasises the tones of the landscape , maintaining high and sharp polarisation. The CPL Natural filter, on the right, offers high polarisation and faithfully respects the tones . In both cases the horizon is coloured thanks to the reduction of reflections on the haze, and the water gains contrast by eliminating whitish reflections.

NiSi Natural Pro Nano polariser test

When we discussed ND filters without colour cast in this blog, we showed the transmission curves of various ND filters showing that NiSi has the flattest curve and consequently the best colour match. 

Critical to the performance of the Natural CPL is it’s uniformity of transmission across the spectrum. So rather than the absolute value of the transmission, what is important here is that the curve remains as linear as possible. A flat line across the wavelengths (nm) demonstrates that for each colour, the same amount of light is transmitted and therefore one colour does not dominate.

As we can see from this graph*, the Natural Pro Nano CPL polarising filter is practically perfect, with a flat and linear curve. So we can always expect accurate, natural colours.

* T% (% transmission) detected on generic polariser adjustment: the T% value varies with the variation of the light conditions and polariser adjustment, the linear behaviour of the response on the various wavelengths does not. Neutrality is therefore always guaranteed.

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