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150mm Professional Kit II

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Kit with 2 GND filters, 2 ND filters, 1 Natural Night filter, all-in-one case and accessories.
  • 150mm Holder not included, you can contact us to get advice on the perfect filter holder for your equipment.
  • GND and ND filters in lens grade optical glass for precision applications.
  • Anti-reflection coating, anti-infrared light and no colour cast.
  • NiSi Natural Night filter 150x150mm
  • Includes filter case and 150mm All-in-one holder (150×150 or 150×170) and Clever Cleaner for filter cleaning
  • Perfect combined with the NiSi S6 which includes the polariser!


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NiSi 150mm Professional Kit II – Kit of 150mm filters and accessories

The 150mm Professional II kit was created with the needs of photographers in mind. Particularly those interested in using square filters on larger lenses and want a complete solution. When combined with the NiSi S6 holder, complete with a circular polariser, this kit gives you everything you will need. If your lens has a front thread (up to a maximum of 82mm), you can use the 100mm system, we also have kits available for the 100 system.

The second generation Professional kit includes:

  • GND 0.9 Medium – 3 stops
  • GND 0.9 Reverse – 3 stops
  • ND64 IR – 6 stops
  • ND1000 IR – 10 stops
  • Natural Night – Filter 150×150
  • NiSi Caddy – All-in-one case for 150mm system
  • Clever Cleaner – for cleaning optical glass filters

Complete with four filters and accessories, you’ll have all the filters necessary to go out and shooting.

Holder not included. The filters included in the Professional II Kit 150mm are compatible with the Classic Holder and the NiSi S5. NiSi S6 holder with circular polariser included.

150x170mm ND8 (0.9) 3 Stop Medium GND Filter

The 150x170mm GND Medium 3 Stop filter with a medium transition is particularly useful for images featuring buildings, small mountains and other elements that protrude from the skyline. The transition zone of GND Medium filter is 40% smaller than that of a typical Soft GND. The GND 3 Stop Medium is perfect as a first filter thanks to its versatility. It can be combined with a Soft or Hard / Reverse filter to further add flexibility to your creativity.

150x170mm ND8 (0.9) 3 Stop Reverse GND Filter

The 150x170mm 3 Stop Reverse GND Filter is a rectangular filter that helps darken specific areas of an image, such as bright skies, allowing unaltered exposure to other parts of the image. The Reverse transition is sharper than the Medium transition, the same as the Hard filter. Compared to the latter, however, it has a slight tinge on the upper part, which helps not to increase the natural vignetting of the lens and to uniform the exposure. The reverse GND filter is ideal four scenes where the brightest light is on the horizon, such as sunrise and sunset. The filter is darkest at the centre and fades up allowing you to preserve sky detail, whilst the lower part of the filter is clear to preserve foreground detail.

150x150mm ND64 (1.8) 6 Stop ND Filter

The 150x150mm 6 Stop (ND64) filter is a neutral density (ND) filter that uniformly reduces the amount of light entering the lens. ND filters are used to manage light and slow the shutter to produce long exposure work. The ND 6 Stop 150x150mm  is made of lens grade optical glass exclusive to NiSi, with anti-reflective treatment, IR blocking and Nano Coating®. The 6-stop ND64 ND filter is generally used during the golden hour to create 1-2 minute exposures for smooth water or clouds. A 6 Stop is also excellent for capturing the dynamism of the water while maintaining a certain consistency, usually by shooting before or at the beginning of the golden hour.

150x150mm ND1000 (3.0) 10 Stop ND Filter

The 150x150mm 10 Stop (ND1000) ND filter is a neutral density filter that uniformly reduces the amount of light entering the lens. The ND1000 10 Stop is also used during the day, outside the golden hour, since high ambient light requires more “light blocking”. This filter can extend exposures up to 5 minutes during the golden hour with the appropriate settings. The extreme versatility and propensity for experimentation make it one of the most popular filters for photographers.

150x150mm Natural Night Filter

The NiSi Natural Night is the first night filter released on the market. The NiSi patent on the special shade of the coating makes its effect unique, both for night photography with little light pollution, and in the city. Find out more on our blog.

NiSi Caddy – All-in-one case for 150mm system

The NiSi 150mm Caddy holds up to 7 filters (three ND 150x150mm and four GND 150x170mm) as well as a 150mm holder (you can also carry a Classic Holder or a NiSi S5 Holder). It features an adjustable shoulder strap and can be mounted on a tripod for easy access, it was built with a light material which protects the filters from scratches.


NiSi filters are all made of the highest quality lens grade optical glass which has a higher transmittance than standard optical glass such as B270 and much higher than resin. This ensures that no detail is lost in your images. As we are the only manufacturer to use lens grade optical glass for our filters, there are no comparable quality filters on the market.

Unique treatment

All NiSi square filters benefit from the use of the exclusive Nano Coating treatment which makes the filter water-repellent and oleophobic for perfect sharpness. NiSi filters also use IR technology to block infrared light, and therefore eliminate the risk of magenta colour cast. The special Nano Coating coating on both sides minimises unwanted reflections and gives the NiSi neutral density filters water-repellent and oleophobic properties.

Weatherproof and durable. 

The Nano® Coating treatment gives the filter the quality of repelling water and oils, making cleaning very easy even in extreme conditions or with the presence of seawater. The finishing of the edges and the rounded corners improve grip make our filters easier to handle and rounded corners are far less likely to break off. Our filters and holders are created to be used outdoors, in any weather situation, enjoy photography in its purest essence

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